Music Submissions

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Here at The A&R Report we get a ton of music submissions. In order to stay organized and give each submission a listen, we’ve implemented a new process. With this new process you will be guaranteed a review and feedback on your submission.

Music Submission Guidelines:

  • Include your same artist name & Link to your soundcloud account
  • Submit 2 of your best music works / or 2 Soundcloud links
  • We accept any genre
  • Original music / no covers
  • We are also looking for songwriters/topliners who want to get their music to an artist or published.

Submitting to the A&R Report ensures that:

  • Your music will be reviewed and feedback given within 30 days.
  • Your music will be blasted to respected affiliate blogs, curators and top music executives
  • If your music is selected; You will have the opportunity to be featured on the front page of the A&R Report website.
  • If your music is selected; Your music will be distributed across our digital & social platforms
  • If your music is selected; Your music will be played on DASH radio