Digital Dreams Festival 2015



The week started with eager anticipation for digital Dreams. You could feel the buzz in the air,.. well through trending topics online and teaser videos. I checked the weather network website regularly and came to grips with the fact that it was going to rain…and rain and rain the whole Digital Dreams weekend. So with that in mind I made sure to not only weather proof my gear but also myself. Extra socks, poncho, umbrella, plastic bags. I was ready to embrace what mother nature had in store.

Saturday came around, and the news that Day1 of Digital dreams had been cancelled. This news had a rippling effect throughout social media. Fans eager to party in the rain were denied by mother nature and her howling 90km winds. INK and Live Nation did a good job in thinking about the safety of all the individuals involved from the fans, the artists, the crew and the staff. High speed winds could have lead to serious injury.

Acts that were missed out on Day 1 were:

Armin Van Buuren, Steve Angello, Deorro, W&W, Borgore, Paris & Simo, Mark Oliver, Carl Cox ,John Digwood, Dubfire, Saeedyounan, Greg Gow, Galantis, Haywyre & Peking Duk

One of the most notable omissions due to the weather from Digital Dreams was headliner: Armin Van Buuren – who needs little introduction. The Grammy nominated DJ and producer has been at the forefront of the trance music scene and has since become a staple in the dance music industry worldwide.

Day One did see some consolation, thanks to the partnership with INK Entertainment this year, it seemed almost seamless to move some of the acts that didn’t get to play due to weather to INK venues for the “Afterparty”. Fans that were dying to see Peter Robinson could get their wish at Tattoo that night.

Below you can  the Afterparty which took place at Uniun Nightclub that same night:


Day Two was definitely a lot more optimistic, the weather forecasts were looking better and the rain actually stopped for periods of time before the festival opened it’s doors, which by the way opened a little later than expected; Organizers say they were repairing the festival’s infrastructure and various stage elements after they were damaged by wind in Saturday’s rainstorm.

You could hear the thumping of thick beats, feel the bass rumble under your feet and see bouncing lights by Lake Shore Blvd. If you didn’t know Digital Dreams was happening, you might think it was the Honda Indy, a World Cup celebration or an alien invasion. It’s Digital Dreams, back for a fourth year, and taking over Ontario Place for this one day extravaganza.

Walking to the entrance along Lakeshore was an experience in itself. You could hear the music pulsating and vibrating but more importantly the festival goers I was walking alongside were chanting, and excited to get the party started. Quickly dismissing any thoughts I may have had that they would be disgruntled from the Day 1 cancellation.

Digital Dreams couldn’t have picked a more perfect location for the festival. You couldn’t help but feel you were walking around an amusement park. The vibrant costumes and eccentric fans just fit right into that experience.


Innovations like the cashless system set this festival apart from other Canadian festivals, the ease and convenience of making payments while on the festival grounds, enhances the festival experience that much more. The last thing you want to worry about is which sock you stashed that $20 in.

The layout and activations were well placed and intuitive from the placement of the VIP area where you weren’t secluded and still had a great view of the Dream stage, to the mini pong ping pong setup where you had the beautiful city skyline as the backdrop while you fist pump in celebration.



Digital Dreams closed out the Festival in fashion. When you talk about electrifying performances, the names Martin Garrix and Zedd have to come to mind. Martin Garrix and ZEDD both played an amazing set. Seemingly as soon as the first beat dropped from their sets, the crowd was engaged chanting and singing to their hearts content.  The monstrous Dream stage and extravagant lighting displays alongside fireballs shooting from the stage as the beat dropped were matched by the excitement of the crowd.

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The End of the Dream

Digital Dreams has emerged as one of the premier festivals in Canada. With an ambitious new Brita hydrate stage design, innovations such as the cashless system, and allowing more room to invite a wider spectrum of artists – Despite the weather issues and there being only one day, the 2015 edition of the Digital Dreams Music Festival was an experience that many won’t soon forget. We look forward to 2016!

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